He’s baaaaaack!!

Turncoat Michael returning to ‘Lost’
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Turncoat Michael is making a “Lost” `comeback. Harold Perrineau, who plays the character last seen betraying his fellow crash survivors to save himself and his son, will return to the show next season.
ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson didn’t offer any details Wednesday of what’s in store for Michael. He also didn’t say whether Walt, the son played by Malcolm David Kelley, will be seen again.
The pair fled the mysterious island where the crash victims were struggling to survive against the dangerous “Others,” with desperate Michael turning over his friends in exchange for escape.
The network had planned to make the “Lost” announcement at Comic-Con International, the comic book and pop-culture show starting Thursday in San Diego. But McPherson, speaking to a meeting of the Television Critics Association, was pressed for the information.
McPherson initially balked at talking, instead joking about what the announcement might be.
“I’ve cast Don Imus on `Lost,'” McPherson quipped.
Earlier this year, ABC said will run for three more seasons, concluding in 2009-10. The series will return for its fourth season in January.