‘Heroes’ wraps up its season tonight
If Heroes wants to be truly heroic tonight, it will make good on its promise.
Everyone associated with the show has assured the public that tonight’s season-finale (Global, NBC) won’t neglect the “finale” part of the equation.
The main storylines from this spectacular first season will wrap up in a decisive way, they say.
Season No. 2 will have a different plot, they maintain.
Please stick with that, folks. Nobody wants this to turn into The X-Files, you know?
“The questions do get resolved in a huge way,” said Adrian Pasdar, who plays ambiguously tormented politician Nathan Petrelli, in a recent conference call.
“(Nathan has) a big part in the final decision-making in the last few moments of the finale, in which all those questions that are posited in the pilot are answered almost to a ‘T’. It’s a beautifully structured finale.”
As the role of Jack Coleman — a.k.a. Mr. Horn-Rimmed Glasses — has decreased in recent episodes, the role of Nathan has increased.
And predictably in the polarized politics of the United States, Pasdar has been asked more than once if Nathan is a Republican or a Democrat.
“I think it’s kind of a conglomerate,” said the 42-year-old Pasdar, who is married to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.
“I’ve taken the best and the worst of politicians that have come across me in my personal life and also people that I don’t know. We haven’t defined whether Nathan is Republican or Democrat. I’m sure an argument can be made for the (former) in many, many ways.
“But no, I haven’t really based this guy on anybody in particular, just a nice mix of the worst and the best that I’ve seen. The most morally liquid characters that I have run across, I’ve based this guy on.”
Heroes has provided viewers with a great ride this season. The ones who have enjoyed it most, probably, are the ones who just went along with it, and didn’t become obsessed with trying to figure out what’s going on well ahead of when they’re supposed to know it.
Potential twist tonight: Maybe enigmatic villain Sylar (played by the delightfully menacing Zachary Quinto) has an attack of morality at the last second and can’t quite bring himself to blow up half of New York City.
The actual ad promos for tonight’s season-finale have included the phrase, “Forget what you think you know.” Which, of course, merely reiterates the folly of applying real-life logic to fantasy TV.
As long as there are some significant payoffs tonight, whatever they may be, the masses will be happy.
“(The finale) does posit a brand new place for season two,” Pasdar said. “I can’t talk about where. But the very end of the finale is where season two will pick up. And it shows you a good three minutes, or two minutes or so, of where that is going to pick up.
“I don’t think anybody is going to guess where. It’s a very, very interesting place.”
In other season-finale developments, tonight also marks the end of a rather mundane campaign for 24 (Global, Fox).
Now, using “mundane” to describe the action-packed 24 doesn’t seem quite right, admittedly. But in this case, mundane can be used as a synonym for “repetitive.”
Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian showed up on The Simpsons last night. Maybe Bart and Lisa will return the favour this evening … and in a shocking twist, Jack will have to save them!
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