Here’s hoping they are better than Number 3!!

Sony Execs Promise at Least Three More Spidey Sequels
The success of Spider-Man 3 brought promises of additional episodes of Spidey and his enemies. “There’ll be a fourth and a fifth and sixth and a seventh,” Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal told Daily Variety.
“As many stories as Peter Parker has to tell, we’ll do sequels.” Her colleague, Michael Lynton, told the BBC that there would be “as many as we can make good stories for. … Everybody’s been so busy trying to get this one out that that’s been the focus. … When everybody comes up for air, we can think about how to make the next one.”
Lynton added that, although the critics by and large drubbed the film, “the exit polls show that the audience really loved the movie, and that’s what counts.” Sony distribution chief Jeff Blake told the New York Times that the box-office count “justifies the expense of a franchise picture like this. And I think it’s a great sign for the summer.”
Several analysts predicted that the film will exceed the revenue produced by the previous two Spider-Man installments, which grossed $821 million and $783 million respectively worldwide — although they expressed doubt that it could overtake the all-time box office champ Titanic, which took in $1.85 billion.