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McCartney says new CD is retrospective
NEW YORK – Paul McCartney says his upcoming album, “Memory Almost Full,” looks back to the past.
“In places it’s a very personal record and a lot of it is retrospective, drawing from memory, like memories from being a kid, from Liverpool and from summers gone,” the 64-year-old ex-Beatle said Monday in a statement.
“The album is evocative, emotional, rocking, but I can’t really sum it up in one sentence,” he said.
“Memory Almost Full,” McCartney’s 21st solo album, will be released June 5 in the United States. It is his first for Hear Music, Starbucks’ new music label.
A medley of five songs on the 13-track disc is “purposely retrospective,” said the legendary singer-songwriter. “I thought this might be because I’m at this point in my life, but then I think about the times I was writing with John (Lennon) and a lot of that was also looking back.”
Film director Michel Gondry has directed a music video ó starring Natalie Portman ó for the opening track “Dance Tonight,” but McCartney said he’s “not going to give the plot away.”
McCartney last released the acclaimed “Chaos And Creation In the Backyard,” in 2005.