Awww, man!!

Zach Braff Is Out Of Fletch
When it was supposed to be written directed by Kevin Smith and star Jason Lee, remaking Chevy Chaseís Fletch seemed like a fun idea. When Paramount refused to allow Jason Lee to play the lead and Kevin Smith left the project, it still seemed like it might be cool since word was that ëScrubsí star Zach Braff would step in to play Fletch. But maybe now is a good time to just forget about the whole Fletch remake thing, since TV Guide says Zach Braff has turned down the part.
The good news is that Zach ditched it to run off and write and direct his own movie, a project called Open Hearts. Personally, thatís what Iíve been saying he should be doing all along. His first film, Garden State was a critically acclaimed hit, yet instead of getting back behind the camera heís been wasting time doing voice work in bad Disney cartoons and acting in other peopleís less than great movies. Doing his own thing is where Braff should be.
Braffís ëScrubsí boss Bill Lawrence is still attached to direct the movie, Fletch Won, so itís not lost in development hell quite yet. Heís out looking for another Fletch. However, unless he hires Jason Lee, my excite-o-meter for this project has dropped to zero.