Jodie Foster

Leave her alone!!

Foster’s Sexuality Under Attack Again in Gay Magazine
Actress Jodie Foster’s sexuality is under attack again – this time from one of America’s top gay magazines.
The bold editors of Out have put an image of two models holding masks of Foster and CNN newsman Anderson Cooper over their faces on the cover of the upcoming May issue, over the headline: “The Glass Closet: Why the stars won’t come out and play.”
The lifestyle magazine’s May issue features a list of America’s most influential gay men and women, but editors couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Foster, who has been the subject of lesbian rumors for years.
According to the editors, the controversial cover image is “a sly commentary on the way that semi-closeted celebrities hide in plain sight.” The accompanying article, penned by leading gay writer Michael Musto, sets out to challenge stars like Foster to address the sexuality issue that dogs them, rather than simply avoid the question.
Musto writes, “It’s true that stars are free to put up whatever walls they want in order to maintain boundaries with the public.”
Meanwhile, entertainment mogul David Geffen tops Out’s gay power list.