June, baby!!

Is It A Rumour Over Nothing?
People have been asking “Is Seinfeld coming in May?”
Well, it seems the anwser is “No, its not coming in May.” Thanks to one of our friendly retailers, we have a rumored date of June 5.
Of course this won’t be official until it’s announced by Sony.
Until then, here is a list of the season 8 episodes:
The Foundation
The Soul Mate
The Bizarro Jerry
The Little Kicks
The Package
The Fatigues
The Checks
The Chicken Roaster
The Abstinence
The Andrea Doria
The Little Jerry
The Money
The Comeback
The Van Buren Boys
The Susie
The Pothole
The English Patient
The Nap
The Yada Yada
The Millennium
The Muffin Tops
The Summer of George