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Murphy’s run for Oscar sparks applause
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Eddie Murphy has been loved, hated and ignored but now he is back with Hollywood heavyweights rallying around him for his career-redefining turn in “Dreamgirls,” a role that may win him an Oscar.
Murphy, 45, is one of the biggest wildcards in show business, making his best supporting actor Oscar run one of the most controversial Academy Awards stories this year.
After 25 years of mostly comic roles, Murphy took the leap into drama with “Dreamgirls” as thwarted cocaine-sniffing soul singer James “Thunder” Early, earning him the Oscar nomination as well as Golden Globe and Screen Actor Guild wins.
With the Oscars just 11 days away, Murphy’s comic roots are back on display with “Norbit,” a film scorned by critics but which topped the weekend box office with $33.7 million.
Some detractors say “Norbit” will hurt his Oscar chances by showing that Murphy rarely strays from the formulaic comedies that made him rich. Critical bloggers have even launched what has come to be known as the “Stop Eddie Murphy” movement.
Jeffrey Wells, author of the “Hollywood-Elsewhere” Web site, slammed Murphy’s “Dreamgirls” performance as just a reprisal of his famous James Brown impersonation from the “Saturday Night Live” television comedy show.
“It may be too late and it may be a futile notion, but it’s time for all good people to rise up and band together in order to stop Eddie Murphy from winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar,” wrote Wells.
Wells said Murphy encapsulates everything “smug, arrogant, closed-off and reactionary about today’s Hollywood elite.”
The criticism has drawn rare expressions of support for an Oscar nominee from top Hollywood executives.
DreamWorks Animation SKG chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has been friendly with Murphy for over 25 years, dismissed suggestions Murphy was disliked or difficult.
“People trash people out of envy and self interest. Eddie Murphy has been in this business for over 25 years. The question is why now are some people anonymously blogging lies about him and trying to hurt him?” Katzenberg told Reuters.
Murphy soared to fame in the 1980s while working on “Saturday Night Live,” and starred in films like “Beverly Hills Cop” and “48 Hours,” making him one of the first black global box office stars. A few flops in the 1990s, however, saw his career cool.
Murphy had by then earned a reputation for being difficult, and egotistical, a perception he has not shaken despite a rebound with family comedies like “Daddy Day Care.”
Just as he was mounting a comeback, Murphy was embroiled in scandal in 1997 after he was pulled over by police with a transvestite prostitute in his car. Murphy claimed he was simply being a Good Samaritan. The incident became tabloid fodder, but did not hurt his box office appeal.
“Anytime anyone’s ready to count him out, he bounces back. He’s been laughing all the way to the bank for years as people have disparaged his movies. Some performers are immune to criticism and he may be one of them,” said Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian for the “Entertainment Tonight” television show.
Both Katzenberg and “Dreamgirls” director Bill Condon say Murphy was nervous about taking on the “Dreamgirls” role.
“He was a little insecure about doing the part, but having achieved such great results I believe he’ll do others (dramas),” said Katzenberg.
Both Katzenberg and Condon said Murphy’s performance was even more impressive since his marriage to Nicole Mitchell Murphy was ending at the time.
“My heart went out to him, but it did not translate into any kind of difficulties. It was just complete vulnerability. I love working with him because he’s so gifted,” said Condon.