As long as she doesn’t try to talk like Woody, this could be okay…as long as she doesn’t talk like Woody!!

Allen Woos Cruz as New Muse
If Woody Allen is shooting his next film in Barcelona, how could he resist casting Spain’s hottest leading lady?
According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Allen has cast Oscar nominee Penelope Cruz in his upcoming untitled comedy, set to begin production this summer.
The Madrid-based actress, currently earning acclaim for her work in “Volver,” would speak both English and Spanish in the film, though any and all details beyond that are shrouded in typical Allen mystery.
Allen’s past two films, the Oscar nominated “Match Point” and the not-so-Oscar nominated “Scoop” were filmed in London, as was “Cassandra’s Dream,” his upcoming film with Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell.
Cruz, who just won a Goya for her “Volver” work, was most recently seen in “Bandidas” and “Sahara.”