Did you see him?

Blink and you’ll miss it: Stephen Merchant on 24, Ricky Gervais still to come
Did you catch Stephen Merchant on 24 this weekend?
It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, and the poor guy didn’t even get a line. However, as a self-professed fan of the show, it was probably a moment in heaven for him. Literally, a moment. Someone hands him a sheet of paper that he’s supposed to ostensibly do something extremely critical with (hey, he works in the CTU after all), and he gives them a grim little nod in return.
Ahhh, the acting chops that had to take. Still, I would’ve jumped at the chance to be on the show, even if I was background extra number 48 in a crowd scene.
Apparently they also filmed a scene with Ricky Gervais that might be an extra on the DVD for this season. According to, “In the scene, a group of White House brass meet to discuss an impending terrorist threat. Gervais, dressed like a presidential advisor, keeps whispering under his breath to give the mission to Jack Bauer – and then acts incredulous when someone else says it aloud and takes credit for the idea.”
Stephen Merchant currently co-stars in the HBO comedy Extras, which he co-created and produces with Ricky Gervais, and also did the same for the BBC version of The Office, which is fantastic if you haven’t seen it.
Now that’s comedy, folks.