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“How did he know we needed something to do on New Year’s Eve?”

This week The Couch Potato Report shines the spotlight on the two most successful Canadian films of all-time!
Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to inform you that our long lasting national nightmare is over!
For the past twenty-five years we Canucks had to live with the knowledge that PORKY’S – a teen sex comedy – was the most popular Canadian film at the Canadian box office.
But, as of November 23rd, we have a new champion! Now, our new national Champ is the half-English, half-French action film BON COP BAD COP.
BON COP BAD COP has now grossed $12.2 million, surpassing the long-standing record of PORKY’S $11.2 million.
In BON COP BAD COP English and French police officers are forced to work together when a body is found on the border of Quebec and Ontario.
As is the norm in buddy cop movies, the two men couldn’t be more different.
In fact, the only thing they appear to have in common is that they are both cops, because each one has his own way of doing things.
But eventually – again as is the norm in buddy cop movies – they learn to put their differences aside to try and solve the case.
BON COP BAD COP is funny, has some great action and dialogue, is very entertaining, and I really liked it!…but truth be told, it is just a LETHAL WEAPON Hollywood-esque buddy cop action movie wannabe.
But what allows the film to rise above that formula is the fact that all of it is Canadian.
The two police officers are tracking down a person who is killing people who where involved in moving the Quebec Fleur De Lys hockey team from Quebec City to Colorado, and the representatives of the star player who was drafted by Quebec, but wouldn’t play there, and instead he was traded to Philadelphia.
If that story sounds familiar, well it should. In addition to adapting the Eric Lindross saga into an action film, BON COP BAD COP also has some fun at the expense of our national pastime.
The league is called the CHL, the commisioner’s name is Buttman, and the loud, opinioned television personality is Tom Berry.
BON COP BAD COP probably won’t do as well outside of Canada as it has done inside our home and native land, as it is too Canadian for an international audience.
But since the majority of Canadian films usually gross less than one million dollars at our box offices, and many of them don’t even get to play in more than a handful of theatres, I hope filmmakers look at the success of this film and try to capitalize on it.
Otherwise it could be another twenty-five years before PORKY’S is removed from it’s position as the second most popular Canadian film at the Canadian box office.
For now, BON COP BAD COP is the Canadian champion and if you didn’t see it in a theatre, you can now watch it at home.
As for PORKY’S it is also new on DVD.
Unfortunately, the new 2-disc COLLECTOR’S EDITION of PORKY’S – a set that includes all three films made in the series – looks awful!
When most films of a certain age are put on DVD the people resonsible take the time to remaster them, clean them up, and present the films in the best possible manner.
I am not sure if they didn’t have the time, access to better prints of the film or what, but all three movies are presented in pan and scan instead of widescreen, and the picture looks like it was dubbed to DVD from an old video source.
They might not be the most pristine versions of the films that you will ever see, but if you want to have them in your library, they are still funny, even after all these years, especially the original – PORKY’S.
That film and it’s not too bad sequel PORKY’S II – THE NEXT DAY and PORKY’S REVENGE are all included in the PORKY’S COLLECTOR’S EDITION 2-DVD set.
Plus, the original film is still the second most popular Canadian film at the Canadian box office.
Finally this week is a show called KENNY VS. SPENNY a show that I couldn’t stop watching…even though I really, really wanted to.
KENNY VS. SPENNY is a Canadian comedy reality TV series that originally aired on CBC and the first two seasons of the show are available now on DVD.
In each episode the two best friends and roommates face each in different competitions, like drinking beer, kissing women and selling bibles, just to names three.
Some episodes and the competitions on the show are funny, others are interesting, and there are also several that are so childish or stupid that you want to just ignore.
But there is something about those shows that makes you keep watching, long after you want to, and if you are like me you will be constantly asking yourself, “Why am I watching this?!?!”
But I couldn’t stop watching, and laughing, and being entertained!
Due to it’s content, KENNY VS. SPENNY isn’t a show for everyone, but if you are looking for something unique and fun, check it out!
SEASONs ONE & TWO of KENNY VS. SPENNY, the COLLECTOR’S EDITION of PORKY’s and the most popular Canadian film at the Canadian box office of all time BON COP BAD COP are all available now on DVD.
Coming up in the next edition of The Couch Potato Report, I will have more information on some films that are new on DVD.
I’m Dan Reynish and that’s this edition of THE COUCH POTATO REPORT.
Enjoy the movies and I’ll see you back here next time on The Couch!