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Writers Guild Loves NBC, ‘Simpsons’
Want to see good writing on television, particularly among new shows? Turn on NBC.
That, at least, is the opinion of members of the Writers Guild of America, which handed the Peacock the most nominations of any network for its annual television awards. NBC picked up 13 nominations in the entertainment categories, including four of the five nods for best new series: “Friday Night Lights,” “Heroes,” “30 Rock” and “Studio 60” (ABC’s “Ugly Betty” is the fifth).
PBS also earned 13 nominations, thanks mostly to its complete dominance in the documentary categories.
Another NBC show, “The Office,” picked up three nominations, one for best comedy series and two for individual episodes. ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” also earned two individual nods. “The Simpsons” earned four of the six spots in the animation category, the most of any entertainment show.
PBS’ investigative series “Frontline” garnered the most nominations of any show, grabbing all five slots in the documentary/current events category. “American Experience” picked up four nominations.
The WGA will hand out its awards on Sunday, Feb. 11 at ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York. Below is a partial list of nominees; the full list is here.
Drama Series
“24” (FOX)
“Deadwood” (HBO)
“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)
“Lost” (ABC)
“The Sopranos” (HBO)
Comedy Series
“30 Rock” (NBC)
“Arrested Development” (FOX)
“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO)
“Entourage” (HBO)
“The Office” (NBC)
New Series
“30 Rock” (NBC)
“Friday Night Lights” (NBC)
“Heroes” (NBC)
“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (NBC)
“Ugly Betty” (ABC)
Comedy/Variety Series
“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central)
“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (NBC)
“Penn & Teller: Bulls**t!” (Showtime)
“Real Time with Bill Maher” (HBO)
“Saturday Night Live” (NBC)
Episodic Drama
Eli Attie and John Wells, “Election Day Part II” (“The West Wing,” NBC)
Ronald D. Moore, “Occupation/Precipice” (“Battlestar Galactica,” Sci Fi)
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M. Kim, “Two for the Road” (“Lost,” ABC)
Lawrence D. Cohen, based on a short story by Stephen King, “The End of the Whole Mess” (“Nightmares & Dreamscapes,” TNT)
Aaron Sorkin, “Pilot” (“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” NBC)
Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, “Pilot” (“Big Love,” HBO)
Episodic Comedy
Kevin Murphy and Jenna Bans, “It Takes Two” (“Desperate Housewives,” ABC)
Josh Senter, “Don’t Look at Me” (“Desperate Housewives, ABC”)
Rob Ulin, “Bomb Shelter” (“Malcolm in the Middle,” FOX)
Steve Carell, “Casino Night” (“The Office,” NBC)
Paul Lieberstein, “The Coup” (“The Office,” NBC)
Vali Chandrasekaran, “Jump for Joy” (“My Name Is Earl,” NBC)
Long Form – Original
Alan Geoffrion, “Broken Trail” (AMC)
Nevin Schreiner, “Flight 93” (A&E)
Max Enscoe and Annie DeYoung, “The Ron Clark Story” (TNT)
John Frink, “The Italian Bob” (“The Simpsons,” FOX)
Marsha Griffin, “Who’s Your Daddy?” (“The Life and Times of Juniper Lee,” Cartoon Network)
Jim Dauterive, “Church Hopping” (“King of the Hill,” FOX)
Dan Castellaneta and Deb Lacusta, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” (“The Simpsons”)
Don Payne, “Simpsons Christmas Stories” (“The Simpsons”)
Matt Selman, “Girls Just Want to Have Sums” (“The Simpsons”)