So anyone who has already written a yoo-goog-ily should retract it!

Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Keen On More “Zoolander”
Comedy actor Ben Stiller will soon be re-teaming with Owen Wilson for more zany adventures of Zoolander.
According to USA Today, New Line Films, Stiller and Wilson are all looking forward to another chapter of laughs about the high-fashion male model with the low-IQ.
While Stiller previously played down the possibility of a sequel after the death of his good friend Drake Sather, creator and writer of the character, he seems to think the time is right to let “Zoolander” re-emerge.
Remembering his reasoning and his friend, Stiller admits, “He was the heart and soul of all the shorts and the script. I think John (Hamburg) and I could address it, but that really took the wind out of my sails for a bit.”