Too legit? Too legit to quit?

BitTorrent Goes Legit
Paramount, Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox are expected to join Warner Bros. in providing movies over the Internet via BitTorrent, the video web service that they once universally scorned, the Los Angeles Times Times reported on Wednesday.
As part of the deal, BitTorrent has agreed to use filtering software to prevent pirated content from going out over its service.
However, the newspaper indicated, analysts generally believe that the switch-over from an outlet for pirated versions of movies to one where users must pay a fee to receive them is likely to fail; it noted that similar Internet-based movie-download services are struggling.
Josh Bernoff, an analyst with Forrester Research, told the Times: “The problem is consumers are not convinced that paying for and downloading video is worth it. … The other problem is it doesn’t end up on the TV set. The mechanisms that do get it to the TV, like DVD burning, are not quite what they need to be.”
Meanwhile, Wal-Mart on Tuesday launched a new service that allows anyone who buys a DVD copy of certain features to download a copy of it onto their computer or portable digital device. The additional charge will be $2-4 dollars.