Bring it on!!

‘Bourne’ sequel finds bad guy
Given that production has been underway for a while now, it’s good that “The Bourne Ultimatum” has finally found its big villain.
After an extended flirtation with Gael Garcia Bernal, the “Bourne” sequel has at least stayed in the Spanish-speaking world, hiring Venezuelan thespian Edgar Ramirez to play a character described as a “superkiller.”
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Ultimatum” plot once again finds Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) looking for answers about his past, which brings the aforementioned superkiller into play.
Joan Allen and Julia Stiles are returning, along with “Bourne Supremacy” director Paul Greengrass. New additions to the gang include David Strathairn and Paddy Considine.
If viewers know Ramirez at all, it’s from his co-starring role in 2005’s “Domino.” He’s also set to appear in the upcoming thriller “Vantage Point.”