This is certainly a coup for the show!

“Manchurian Candidate” Actor Joins “CSI”
Film actor Liev Schreiber will soon be seen as a recurring character on TV’s hit crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. reports The Manchurian Candidate actor will take on the role of an experienced investigator, whose talent for solving cases brings him to the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says, “We first sat down with Liev earlier this summer to discuss the possibility of him appearing as a recurring character on CSI. We knew it was a long shot, he really doesn’t do television.
But he was patient and I think amused, as we promised that we’d create a character for him that he couldn’t refuse to play. Excitingly for us, he collaborated in this process. And we’ve got a wonderful, complex character as a result.”
Obviously pleased with his upcoming role, Schreiber says, “After meeting the people who run CSI, it immediately becomes apparent why it has consistently been one of the top shows on television. I am a fan, how could I say no?”