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Studio 60 Producing Mommy Material
Show producers have confirmed that Amanda Peet’s pregnancy will be written into the story line of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip this season.
The newlywed actress plays the very single Jordan McDeere, president of the fictional NBS network.
“I think it’s a good idea,” costar Matthew Perry told E! News’ on the set of the NBC series. “It’s always smarter to incorporate real life stuff instead of trying to hide it. It’ll be fun to see Jordan pregnant.”
While after five episodes there’s no indication of a love interest for Peet’s character (although executive producer Danny Tripp, played by Bradley Whitford, is available and oh-so eligible), this is television after all and baby-makin’ chemistry can spark in a matter of minutes.
“I’m biologically capable of being a father,” Whitford said. “I am in fact a father. I’ve done all the research that one would need to do to create a child. I’ll leave it at that.”
Whether anybody is around to see what develops (or gestates) is another story. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been a ratings disappointment for NBC so far.
The series pulled in a mere 8.7 million viewers last week, ranking it 51st in the Nielsens. (Yes, the CW would kill for that number, but this is arguably the most-hyped new show of the year we’re talking about.)
Peet confirmed last month that she was expecting her first child with her then-fiancÈ, screenwriter David Benioff. The two have since taken the plunge, swapping vows Sept. 30 in New York.