They can remake it, they have the technology (And they own the rights)!!

NBC Bringing Back “Bionic Woman”
After the success of TV’s new Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick is doing it again, this time bringing back The Bionic Woman.
Variety reports the series’ reinvention is being developed by screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis,(TV’s Birds of Prey) at NBC Universal Television Studios for the NBC network.
The original spin-off of the hugely popular 70’s series The Six Million Dollar Man, starred Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers – a tennis-pro who received bionic transplants after a tragic skydiving accident.
The new show however, has no plans to follow in it’s predecessors footsteps. “It’s a complete reconceptualization of the title,” says Eick. “We’re using the title as a starting point, and that’s all.”
The new Bionic Woman will delve into the role modern women play in society.
Eick explains the series’ new concept as, “using the idea of artificial technology as a metaphor for what contemporary women sometimes feel is necessary to do everything that needs to be done.”