I’ll go if someone gives me a free ticket, otherwise…nope!

Stones ticket scalpers not getting satisfaction
Time is not on the side of hundreds of people trying to unload their Rolling Stones tickets, with many facing a monetary loss.
While local fans are giddy at the prospect of seeing the Stones in a few days, some people who bought tickets hoping to sell them to the highest bidder are getting worried.
The group many call the world’s greatest rock band is set to play in Regina on Friday, then again on Sunday.
On Monday, the online auction house eBay was listing about 200 items for tickets to the Regina shows. The same day, the Leader-Post had more than 100 ticket holders trying to make last-minute sales. Some sellers were offering their tickets at well below face value.
It’s a far cry from earlier this year. When the Oct. 8 concert was announced in the summer, some scalpers bought the maximum number of tickets they were allowed, hoping they’d make a huge profit.
Initially, some were asking $2,000 a pair on eBay.
But then a second concert was added for Oct. 6, flooding the market with another 40,000 tickets.
‘It’s their own fault’
Leader-Post rock critic Gerry Krochak said it’s hard to feel sorry for people who had dollar signs in their eyes when they bought a pile of tickets.
“If scalpers are getting stuck with tickets, I’m not alone when I say, ‘Who cares?'” he said. “It’s their own fault.”
Faced with the first show just a few days away, some concerned sellers are trying to be creative.
Don Peakman, who runs Murray’s Limousine Service in Saskatoon, is offering a prime concert seat and a limo ride to Regina and back for $300.
“We’re hoping this thing is going to happen because right now, we haven’t sold many tickets,” he said.
He sold four of his 20 tickets and stands to lose thousands if he can’t sell more.
Randy Johnson of Regina bought a number of tickets to both concerts, but has to leave the country before the second show. With tickets burning a hole in his pocket, he’s throwing in some Saskatchewan Roughrider game tickets.
“I thought it would be a unique marketing strategy to sell my tickets and include some prime seats for the Roughriders versus Montreal,” he said.
So far, Johnson’s received lots of calls, but no takers.
Meanwhile, there was more bad news for scalpers Monday when concert organizers announced they were going to put another 1,700 seats up for sale Tuesday.