I agree with blogger, carmen16, but not because of this mistake (hee hee hee!!).

CTV airs wrong episode of ‘Anatomy’
TORONTO (CP) — When did Dr. McDreamy finally profess his love for Meredith Grey? What happened to Izzie in the hours after her fiance Denny died? And is it finally curtains for The Chief and his wife?
Many Canadian fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” were left puzzled by plot gaps and apparent inconsistencies Thursday night when CTV inadvertently aired the second episode of the season rather than the hotly anticipated premiere.
While the network blamed the mistake on a “satellite feed error,” it was little consolation for viewers who had waited an entire summer to learn the fate of the libidinous interns at Seattle Grace Hospital.
“Can I just say that CTV is a crappy irresponsible network?” wrote one blogger, carmen16.
“I know errors happen, but this is one of the biggest shows on TV these days. (I’m) just not impressed.”
“Stupid people who don’t know how to push buttons right. I am most seriously displeased,” posted another who identified herself as Lynda.
On CTV, the show airs at 8 p.m. ET, while the U.S. version airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
Many fans who tuned in to CTV said they couldn’t quite put their finger on what was wrong with the show.
“We were trying to figure out if they were just artfully leaving some gaps for the viewers to figure out what happened, or if indeed they were airing the wrong episode,” said one blogger.
After the mistake became clear (ABC aired the correct version), fans took to the Internet, begging viewers who watched the CTV episode not to ruin it for them.
“Now that I know that Canada got next week’s episode, I’m going to be frightened of spoilers constantly until next week!” wrote jasminelily.
“If you live in Canada, please don’t include any spoilers about the second episode!” implored a blog on the USA Today website.
CTV spokesman Mike Cosentino said the network took in its regular satellite feed of the show thinking it was the season premiere.
“We were fed an incorrect show,” he said Friday. “We recognize the scope of this situation.”
The network has announced it will air the season premiere next Thursday, when it would have aired Episode 2.
The error came as “Grey’s Anatomy” made its much-anticipated debut in a new Thursday night timeslot, a fact not lost on fans.
“After a whole summer of pimping the new timeslot, CTV showed the wrong episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ last night,” said alias-elaina.
“How did they screw THAT up? Someone is so fired.”
Cosentino called the CTV glitch a “good news/bad news scenario.”
“The bad news is viewers missed Episode 1 and we’re working on the right solution to remedy that, and the good news is — Episode 2 is fantastic.”