Ahh, so I am not the only one who thinks of things in the shower!!

Harry Potter an airport security threat
British writer J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, says she had to fight airport security in New York to be allowed to carry her manuscript of the final book of the series onto her flight home to England.
“A large part of it is handwritten and there was no copy of anything I had done while in the U.S.,” Rowling wrote in her web diary.
The posting, which appeared on Wednesday, indicated that Rowling had been caught by heightened security measures put in place after Aug. 10 when British police foiled an alleged plot blow up planes headed for the United States.
Those measures meant people were unable to board planes with things such as laptops, liquids and even books.
Rowling managed to work some magic and convinced the security guards she and her manuscript were no threat.
“They let me take it on, thankfully, bound up in elastic bands,” said the 40-year-old writer, who considered taking a ship back to England.
Rowling had been in New York for a charity book reading along with fellow writers Stephen King and John Irving รณ both of whom publicly pleaded with her not to kill off the young wizard at the heart of her books in the final instalment.
The author has said that two main characters will die but will not say who. She divulged in her web diary that she was pondering two possible titles for the last instalment of her wildly successful wizard-in-training series.
“I was quite happy with one of them until the other one struck me while I was taking a shower in New York,” she wrote.
“They would both be appropriate, so I think I’ll have to wait until I’m further into the book to decide which one works best.”
Fans of the Harry Potter series, which has sold more than 300 million books worldwide, are eagerly waiting to find out what happens when young Harry Potter is expected to engage in a final battle with his evil nemesis, Lord Voldemort.
Filming has begun on the fifth instalment of the movie franchise, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix.