I can’t believe anyone voted for Erika! Well done Mike and Janelle, I will miss seeing you on TV three times a week!

Chill-y Finale for ‘Big Brother’
LOS ANGELES — The shomance was definitely over as former bedmates Mike “Boogie” Malin and Erika Landin went in front of a jury of their housemates on Tuesday night’s finale of “Big Brother: All-Stars.”
The show began with the last week’s evictee Janelle Pierzina joining the other six jury members — Marcellas Reynolds, Howie Gordon, Danielle Reyes, “Chicken” George Boswell, Will Kirby and James Rhine — to hash out the actions of the final two.
Having only seen the nomination and veto ceremonies, competitions and evictions — but none of the personal conversations or diary room interviews — the group was then given an opportunity to ask both Mike and Erika a final question. The tone of the queries and and answers showed the tide definitely turning against Erika.
She stumbled around when “Chicken” George asked how she could vote him out after assuring him that he was safe, while Janelle asked if “kissing butt and throwing competitions” was part of her strategy. James also called Erika on using “flirting” and “hooking up” as part of her game play after putting down those tactics when used by another player.
In her final statements before the votes were cast, Erika spoke of coming into the house and her need to go after “the Puppetmaster” (Will, Mike’s “Chilltown” partner and winner of Season Two), hanging her hat on manipulating how “his best friend put him up and his best girl vote him out.”
Mike let the group in on the secret of the game, that they were all members of Chilltown who were eliminated when they started to figure things out. He then concluded by saying he was “motivated” by Marcellas, “entertained” by Howie, “challenged” by Janelle and James, “inspired” by Danielle and George and “all of the above” by Will.
This was more than enough to sway everyone to vote for him, except for Marcellas who was the sole vote for Erika.
While Mike won the $500,000 grand prize, Erika took consolation with the $50,000 second place purse. Jury member Janelle also went home $25,000 richer, thanks to America’s votes to award her with the Jury Prize.