But, doesn’t anyone who would want these 20 year old videos already have them on DVD?!?!

Classic Duran Duran Videos Hitting The Web
For the first time, Duran Duran’s glamorous, bold and sometimes risque catalog of music videos will be made available as digital downloads beginning next month.
An initial offering of 20 videos will roll out Oct. 2 across video-enabled download services, as part of a worldwide initiative driven by EMI, with whom the group recorded for much of its 25-plus year career.
Groundbreaking promos for “Planet Earth,” “Girls On Film,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “The Wild Boys” and “A View to a Kill” are among the first batch. Participating online retailers will set the price for the video downloads, according to an EMI spokesperson.
As part of the offering, an exclusive bundle will be available through Apple’s iTunes Music Store, which includes two documentary shorts, “A Day in the Life” and “Liberty.”
Keyboardist and founding member Nick Rhodes says band members welcome new opportunities in the digital music arena. “You have to accept that business has changed. We underwent the industrial revolution in the music business for the first time — in many, many years — over the last few years,” Rhodes tells “There were many of us, including myself and Duran Duran, who seized the opportunity as we saw this as the beginning of something exciting and new that would undoubtedly revolutionize what we are doing. And it is still only the tip of the iceberg.”
As previously reported, Duran Duran will this month become the first major band to introduce its members as avatars in the Second Life virtual world.