Bring it on, baby!!!

Tenacious D’s ‘Destiny’ To Be Revealed This Fall
The long-awaited Tenacious D feature film, “Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny,” will be released Nov. 17, with an Epic soundtrack album due three days earlier.
Although the full track list has yet to be announced, expect it to feature appearances by Meat Loaf (who plays Jack Black’s dad) and Ronnie James Dio, as well as Foo Fighters mastermind Dave Grohl.
Dio also appears in the movie, offering inspiration to the young Black. “I got to play myself, which was not much of a stretch,” he told earlier this year. “It’s a tried and true part of a young rebellious rock kid’s life, in that his father hates the music that he likes.”
“In the scene, [Black] is 10 or 12,” he continued. “His father comes in and rails at him and slams the door. On the back of the door is a big poster of me. He starts singing to the poster: ‘Dio, tell me what I should do?’ And I come alive off the poster, sing a song and reply to him.”
Also tipped to make the cut for the album, produced by the Dust Brothers’ John King, are “Master Exploder,” “Dude, I Totally Miss You” and the Kyle Gass-penned “The Pick of Destiny,” which he previously described to as “a rockin’ anthem. I’m imagining it playing over the end credits. You’ll be so jazzed after seeing a great movie and then you’ll hear this rockin’ song at the end.”
Beyond Black and Gass, “The Pick of Destiny” features a host of notable stars, including Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen and Colin Hanks.