South Park

Whatever films they make, I will go and see them!!!

‘South Park’ guys plan two films
A high school comedy and giant monster pic are on tap
Subversive animation kings Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a pair of live-action films in development at Paramount.
According to Variety, the “South Park” creators are producing two comedies through their re-named Important Pictures shingle. Up first will be “My All-America,” followed by the more excitingly titled “Giant Monsters Attack Japan!”
“My All-American” was written by Jeff Roda, while J.F. Lawton penned “Giant Monsters Attack Japan!” Details about both comedies are scarce, but the industry paper says that Parker will be the credited director on each film, while Stone will produce.
Both films will feature real actors — a first for the “South Park” guys since “Orgazmo” and “Cannibal: The Musical!” — though “Giant Monsters” will also feature thespians in big rubber suits.
The plan is to begin shooting on “All-American” next year when Parker and Stone go on “South Park” hiatus.
Since “South Park” launched, Parker and Stone have limited their creative cinematic output to “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” and “Team America: World Police.” They also acted together in “BASEketball.”