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Fraggle Rock Season 2 on track for September release
The second season release from HIT Entertainment will include twenty-four episodes, cast and crew interviews and the original Fraggle Rock pitch book by Jim Henson with designs by Michael Frith.
Get ready to laugh your cares away, Fraggle fans. Straight from the mouths of HIT Entertainment representatives, the Fraggle Rock Season 2 DVD box Set is going to hit the shelves September 5th as was announced in January.
Selling at $49.98 and sporting a feature running time of 680 minutes total, the collection comes with a replica the original pitch book by Jim Henson and illustrated by Michael K. Frith, measuring 4.5î wide by 6.5î high. More organized than the notepad scribblings reproduced for the Season 1 set, the pitch book illustrates a more finely formed world of the Fraggles, yet one still not quite fully-evolved.
The DVD special features include a whole new round of exclusive interviews with the following participants: producer Lawrence S. Mirkin; writers Sugith Varughese, David Young, Robert Sandler, David Young and Susan Juhl; performers Karen Prell, Steve Whitmire, Dave Goelz, and Jerry Nelson; creative consultants Duncan Kenworthy and Jocelyn Stevenson; and composer Phil Balsam. A special tribute to the late Jerry Juhl will also be included.
Karen Prell, performer of Red Fraggle, reflects on a particular episode from Season 2. “In ‘A Cave of One’s Own,’ Mokey and Red become roomates, which leads to my favorite love-hate relationship of the whole series, Red vs Lanford, Mokey’s cranky plant.”
“Red and Lanford may have hated each other, but Lanford’s puppeteer, Rob Mills, and I had an absolute blast playing off each other and coming up with violent ways for the characters to attack each other. Rob was also the body performer for Junior Gorg in the first three seasons. He got the job performing Lanford because he had an arm long enough to reach from a hole in the cave wall WAY out to where Lanford’s head had to be. Good thing – he was the perfect performer for the job!”
The episodes found on the DVD collection are as follows:
Wembleyís Egg
Boober Rock
The Trash Heap Doesnít Live Here Anymore
Redís Sea Monster
Uncle Matt Comes Home
Booberís Dream
Mokey and the Minstrels
All Work and All Play
Sir Hubris and the Gorgs
A Friend in Need
The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
The Doozer Contest
Redís Club
The Secret of Convincing John
Mannyís Land of Carpets
Junior Sells the Farm
Fraggle Wars
The Day the Music Died
Doomsday Soup
A Cave of Oneís Own
Wembly and the Great Race
Doozer Is As Doozer Does
Booberís Quiet Day
The Invasion of the Toe Ticklers