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Paris Hilton set to release album next month
NEW YORK (Billboard) – With her single unexpectedly doing well on the Billboard charts, Paris Hilton will release her self-titled album on August 22.
Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” is currently No. 16 this week on the Billboard Pop 100 singles chart; its accompanying video is in rotation on MTV and VH1.
Among the tracks on the Warner Bros. album is a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” as well as “Fightin’ Over Me,” featuring rappers Jadakiss and Fat Joe.
“She has a certain tone that’s reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper and Blondie,” said Scott Storch, one of the album’s producers. “The album doesn’t have one particular sound. It’s just good music; a combination of R&B, hip-hop and pop. It will surprise a lot of people because there’s real artistry coming from Paris.”
A behind-the-scenes special on the creation of “Paris Hilton” will premiere August 8 on MTV.