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Weezer frontman says band is ‘done’
NEW YORK (AP) – Rivers Cuomo says that, for now, Weezer is “done.”
Cuomo, the band’s bespectacled songwriter and frontman, told MTV that while he remains in touch with his bandmates, “We’ve never mentioned getting together.”
“Really, for the moment, we are done,” he said. “And I’m not certain we’ll ever make a record again, unless it becomes really obvious to me that we need to do one.”
Weezer has released five albums since forming in 1993. The group took a considerable break between 1996’s Pinkerton and 2001’s self-titled disc (typically called “The Green Album”). The band’s last release was Make Believe, in 2005.
The liner notes of that album led to conjecture that it was Weezer’s last. They included a quote from a parting soliloquy in Shakespeare’s Tempest, his last play.
Cuomo, 36, said he has been writing songs, but added, “I don’t know what’ll happen with these songs – if anything. . . . I certainly don’t see them becoming Weezer songs, and I don’t really see the point of a solo career. So we’ll just have to see.”
Jim Merlis, a spokesman for Geffen, said Thursday the label had no official response, but added that Cuomo has made similar statements in the past.