No matter what you’re doing this Sunday night, make sure that you’re home by 9, that your TV is tuned to Comedy Central, and that you have strapped yourself safely into your sofa.
If all of that is done, then and only then can you safely watch the first of three “Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes” which are so funny that without safety restraints, you might fall off the couch from laughing so hard, tragically hit your head and die an early death.
Yes, Chappelle’s last skits are that funny and make it clear just why Comedy Central would have offered him as much as $55 million bucks- if only he would have stayed.
Yes, that’s $55 million bucks Chappelle walked away from.
But before he took off for South Africa, Chappelle had put a bunch of skits into the can – which make it very, very (did I mention very?) clear that the man was obviously conflicted about all that dough and what it can do to a guy. Or maybe he’s just nuts.
Hosted by hilarious “Chappelle’s Show” collaborator/cast members Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings, the sketches involve, yes, Chappelle’s fantasy of what others would do to him if he got that kind of dough and what he’d do to others if he had that kind of long money.
In the what-happens-to- everyone-else skit, Chappelle is off on St. Thomas getting a haircut. When the barbers ask him how much he makes, he plays down his Comedy Central take-home.
“It’s just cable,” he says, shrugging it off as the land of cheapskates. Just then, two BET reporters on the barber shop TV announce that Chappelle’s new contract is for $55 million.
Suddenly the price of the haircut shoots to $18,000. When Chappelle starts screaming that it should be eight dollars, the barber replies, “That was the old price!” And shows his gun.
Then there’s the-what-would-happen-to-him-if-he-got-that-rich skit. I’ll only tell you it’s called, “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Up Cold” (a maxim not only created by my Sicilian forefathers but one we foremothers live by to this day!).
It is absolutely throw-your-back-out funny – again a sketch best watched with a restraining device. Maybe Comedy Central should offer him $20,000 a year so he won’t feel so guilty – and get back on TV. I still have the seat belts on the couch … but that’s another story.