It isn’t super, but it is a pretty darn good film!

Mighty Return (And Returns) Expected for ‘Superman’
Superman Returns is expected to leap over all its rivals in a single bound over the Fourth of July weekend, but analysts are divided over how high it will fly. The film will have the widest release of any in Warner Bros.’ history — 4,065 theaters and about 8,500 screens. In addition, the film is being featured on 77 IMAX screens (about 20 minutes of the IMAX prints are in 3-D), the widest release in that theatrical format. Director Bryan Singer has acknowledged that the film cost about $204 million to make (some studio insiders have told trade publications that the figure was actually much higher), but Warner Bros. is believed to have spent $40-50 million over the years developing the new film. Reviews of the film have been decidedly mixed, and while reviews may have little effect on the size of opening crowds they often do reflect word of mouth and thus, how a film will perform in the long term. The film faces strong — if not overwhelming — competition from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest next week. Moreover, according to Daily Variety, many female moviegoers have indicated that they’d prefer The Devil Wears Prada, which opens on Friday. Still, it’s a long holiday, since the Fourth falls on a Tuesday, and it’s always been a big holiday for movie-going. There’s a strong possibility that there will be a run on tights, capes and Prada. In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Warner Bros. distribution chief Dan Fellman observed, “A lot of people are taking off this week, so we think we can do extremely well on Wednesday and Thursday, then go into a long five-day weekend. A lot of businesses will be closed Monday and Tuesday next week.”