I’m sure we all hope it is a classic!

Newman prepares to wind down film career
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Paul Newman is considering his final scene. “I will probably have one film left in me,” the 81-year-old actor told The Associated Press on Thursday. “The last hurrah.”
Newman’s latest role is playing a cantankerous 1951 Hudson Hornet in Pixar’s new animated film, “Cars.”
His film career stretches back to the 1950s and includes “The Sting,” “Cool Hand Luke” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”
“It’s time. When it’s time to get out, it’s time to get out,” Newman said.
Newman said he had a project in mind, but would not provide further details.
He was visiting this upstate resort town as part of a fundraising campaign for the Double H Ranch, an Adirondack camp he co-founded for children with cancer, AIDS and other illnesses.
The camp is one of eight affiliated with the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, the first camp Newman created for gravely ill children.
“When we started the camp we had no idea of the profound impact these camps would have on these kids,” Newman said at a news conference.
The Double H Ranch, co-founded by Newman and the late amusement park developer Charles Wood in 1992, is raising money for a $15 million fund. Camp operators say the fund will help them provide services to the roughly 1,000 summer campers and 500 skiers visiting annually.