Get barenaked!

Barenaked Ladies Enjoy ‘Easy’ Living
After three years out of the limelight, Barenaked Ladies will on Sept. 12 release their first non-holiday studio album since splitting with longtime label Reprise. “Barenaked Ladies Are Me” will hit stores via the band’s own Desperation Records imprint. First single “Easy” will be delivered July 17 to U.S. radio outlets.
The follow-up to 2003’s “Everything to Everyone” was self-produced by the band with aid from producer/engineer Susan Rogers. On street date, it will available in several other incarnations besides a standard 13-track audio CD, including a digital version with two bonus tracks and a 27-song “deluxe edition” featuring two dozen non-album cuts from the album sessions. The latter release will also be sold on a USB flash memory stick.
Beginning Aug. 12, fans can pre-order another version of the “deluxe edition” that boasts 29 tracks exclusively via Apple’s iTunes Music Store.
As reported yesterday, BNL is making the multi-track studio recordings for “Easy” and four other new songs available for fans to remix. The five best submissions to the band’s Web site will be featured on an upcoming EP, with proceeds earmarked for charity.
The group will support “Barenaked Ladies Are Me” with a fall tour and will also anchor its Ships and Dip cruise, which sets sail Jan. 15 from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.