I love that show!!

‘ENTOURAGE”- HBO’s hit comedy, which is returning Sunday night for its third season – is the kind of show tailor-made for 20- something-year-old guys.
Since I won’t achieve that particular incarnation in this lifetime, I can’t imagine that I’ll ever love it – didn’t three seasons ago, don’t now. Like it, sure.
And there are things to love about it – two of them to be precise: Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven.
And while all the characters in the show are written more like caricatures, these two know how to take the ball and play it for all it’s worth. Dillon is “Drama” Chase, the failed-actor brother of rising star Vince Chase, and Piven is Ari, Vince’s out-of-control agent.
Since these guys were meant to be ancillary characters revolving around the shimmering sunlight of Vince, the up-and-coming star (the beautiful Adrian Grenier), it makes the dullness of the other actors all the more pronounced. And dull they are.
Grenier, for example, fills the screen like a beautiful blank.
Then there’s Kevin Connolly, the current love interest of that other blank sheet, Nicky Hilton. Connolly plays Eric, Vince’s lifelong friend and manager, a forgettable character inhabited by an actor who fades into the background. Then there’s Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) a hanger-on in the entourage whose constant jokes about getting lucky are stretched thinner than Rosie O’Donnell’s leggings. And so is his acting.
This season’s premiere is about yes, Vince’s premiere in “Aquaman,” which has the guys all in a tizzy. And next Sunday, they are all worried about the first day’s opening numbers. Yawn.
Like I said, a great show for 20-something guys – especially those with rich fantasy lives.
“Entourage” – Sunday night at 10 on HBO and Movie Central in Canada.