It’s a musical journey.

U2 to work on new album this summer
U2 are plotting a return to the studio this summer to work on the follow-up to 2004’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.”
In an interview conducted last week with the U.K’s Guardian newspaper, Bono revealed that he has been writing a number of songs geared for the next disc.
“I’ve got a lot of songs, oddly enough, from taking piano lessons,” he said. “My kid’s piano teacher, Dawn, has been teaching me the piano. And every time she gives me a lesson, I write a new song. So next week, when (the band and I) meet up, I have all these songs to play for them. So I’d like to thin out my schedule in terms of the politics and activism and just get lost in the music again – that’s what I’m really looking forward to for the summer.”
No release date has been announced for the album.
Recently, Bono has put his music career on hold to concentrate on his humanitarian mission in the U.S. and Africa to create global AIDS awareness through his initiative Product RED.