Who’s kidding who, they/we have aired worse!

Tom stompin’ mad CBC won’t air show
Stompin’ Tom Connors is Stompin’ mad, but the CBC says he has no reason to be.
The legendary Canadian singer claims he spent more than $200,000 of his own money to film a concert special in high-definition that he was led to believe would air on CBC-TV.
But the network subsequently passed on the show and Connors feels he has been left holding the bag.
“It kind of riles a fella up,” Connors, 70, said yesterday after he and his representative, Brian Edwards, sent an open letter to media outlets, detailing their side of the argument.
“I haven’t looked into (legal alternatives) yet, but we’re trying to get Beverley Oda, the new minister of Canadian Heritage, involved in this,” Connors added.
CBC spokesperson Ruth Ellen Soles said the network merely agreed to look at the special when it was completed, but no deal ever was struck.
“First of all, CBC acknowledges Stompin’ Tom is a Canadian icon,” Soles said. “But CBC did not commission the production of a Stompin’ Tom show. We agreed to look at it when it was completed. I want to underline that no commitment was made and no contracts were signed.
“We then reviewed it and made the decision not to purchase the show for broadcast. It was a programming decision. We make those every day. It’s the nature of the business. And it’s interesting to note that at the time, we encouraged the producers of the show to approach other broadcasters.”
Connors indicated that pitching the show to CTV, or Global, or one of the specialty music channels is an option, but he feels it fits best at the CBC.
“This (CBC) is our national network and Stompin’ Tom is a national character,” Connors said.
Connors and Edwards believe that at the very least, the CBC acted immorally by strongly encouraging them to move ahead. And in a wider sense, they feel Connors has been unfairly ignored by the CBC through the years.
“Every Canadian artist who ever was a Canadian artist has had a CBC special,” Edwards said. “Many of those shows received in excess of a million-dollar budget (from the CBC), and they didn’t even have a hit record yet.
“With Stompin’ Tom, we’re talking about someone who ranked No. 13 overall when the CBC counted down the 100 greatest Canadians.”