I think she will be great As Polly!!

‘Underdog’ Finds Its Polly Purebred
Have no fear, Amy Adams… “Underdog” is here.
According to Variety, the Oscar nominated actress is set to play the female lead in Disney’s adaptation of the popular animated television show, to be directed by Fredrik Du Chau (“Racing Stripes”).
Premiering on NBC in 1964, “Underdog” told the story of a canine-superhero with an occasionally annoying tendency to speak in rhyme. By day, he was just Shoeshine Boy, but he could become Underdog whenever Polly Purebred (Adams, presumably) was in danger.
Jason Lee (“My Name Is Earl”) will voice the main character in the live action/CGI mix. Peter Dinklage is in place as the main villain.
Adams, toasted last year for her work in “Junebug,” is becoming an old hand with the CG/live action mix, taking a lead role in Disney’s “Enchanted.” She’ll next be seen in a supporting role in this summer’s “Talladega Nights.”