I guess he only likes it when he does something worthy of mocking!

Michael Jackson not laughing over GQ spoof
Michael Jackson is demanding that GQ magazine apologize and pull its May issue because of an article spoofing his image.
The article, titled “Where’s Michael,” features a Jackson impersonator in several photographs.
Jackson is furious about the spoof, according to his representative, Raymone Bain.
The article is accompanied by pictures of the look-alike sitting in a darkened movie theatre amid a row of children.
Writer Devin Friedman claims to have made a quest to find Jackson in Bahrain, the Middle Eastern country where he lives.
Jackson moved to the Gulf state soon after being acquitted of child-molestation charges in California last year.
One photo features the Jackson impersonator in the desert, draped in a black cloak, with his trademark glittery white glove, a reference to several purported sightings of the star in Bahrain.
GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson says it’s “clear that the pictures in the story … are satirical.”