It is a great song!!

The Dixie Chicks have their highest new entry on the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to the first-week availability of “Not Ready to Make Nice” (Columbia) as a paid digital download. The song bows on the big chart at No. 28, surpassing the No. 40 debut of “Goodbye Earl” in March 2000.
“Not Ready to Make Nice” is the first Dixie Chicks song to appear on the Hot 100 since “Travelin’ Soldier” marched to No. 25 in March 2003. The trio first appeared on this chart in 1998 (with “I Can Love You Better”) and has had 15 chart entries between 1998-2003, never missing a year until lead singer Natalie Maines made a comment about President Bush that offended many country music fans.
In its first week on the Hot 100, “Not Ready to Make Nice” already ranks as the sixth highest-ranked song of the group’s 16 chart entries. The five Dixie Chicks songs that have achieved a higher rank are:
“Cowboy Take Me Away,” No. 27 (2000)
“Goodbye Earl,” No. 19 (2000)
“Long Time Gone,” No. 7 (2002)
“Landslide,” No. 7 (2003)
“Travelin’ Soldier,” No. 25 (2003)