And yet the movie will still suck!

‘Rumor Has It’ Makes DVD History
Rob Reiner’s Rumor Has It went virtually unnoticed when it opened theatrically on Christmas Day last year (It earned just $7.5 million over the holiday weekend.) But it is going down in history as the first film to be released on DVD in high definition on one side of the disk and standard definition on the other. Warner Home Video plans to have it in stores on May 9 (along with the regular DVD version). In an interview with Home Media Retailing magazine, WHV exec Steve Nickerson said that the “hybrid” discs will give “consumers the greatest flexibility in viewing options: If they own an HD DVD player, they’ll get all the benefits of HD DVD. … If they’re considering a future purchase of an HD DVD player, they can still enjoy the movie [on their existing DVD player] until they upgrade.”