Shoot 18 holes, see a movie, bowl a perfect game! Now that is a night you’ll never forget!

Canadian theaters ponder golf, fashion option
OTTAWA (Hollywood Reporter) – Canadian theater owners, facing the same challenges as their U.S. counterparts, need to reinvent themselves by offering more than just movies.
That’s the word from Adina Lebo, executive director of the Motion Picture Theater Associations of Canada, as 800 theater owners prepare to meet in Victoria, B.C. Wednesday for their annual ShowCanada convention.
In an interview, Lebo offered such options as golf and bowling. Along those lines, Cineplex Entertainment vp business development Brad LaDouceur will be on hand at ShowCanada to discuss the merits of fashion shows and sporting-event screenings.
The need for such initiatives follows flaccid 2005 box office numbers that saw attendance drop by 7%.
Industry consultant Howard Lichtman said the top 10 Hollywood films in Canada are “dramatically different” from those in the United States, largely due to demographic differences. For example, he noted that family movies are less popular proportionately here since there are fewer younger people in Canada than in the States.
Lichtman added that the Thai action film “Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior” generated better box office sales here proportionately because Asians account for a larger percentage of the population in Canada than in the United States.