Man, if I could afford this, I would buy it and protect it from people like Courtney, who I don’t love!

Same old Courtney – still sponging off Kurt
Courtney Love said she plans to sell part of her stake in Nirvana’s catalog, according to Love, in London last week for meetings about a new record deal, a TV documentary and a role in a stage production, said she’s not sure exactly how she will proceed, explaining, “I have decided that I need some co-management and a strategic partner (to help me) as it’s such a huge responsibility. This is the right thing to do for my family…whoever I do this deal with, I really have to like.”
Love was quoted in this past weekend’s (March 12) edition of the Sunday Mirror as saying she was possibly going to sell “25 percent of the catalog for quite a lot of money.”
Love is the widow of Nirvana singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in April of 1994. In recent years, Love has battled with the other surviving members of Nirvana over the use of the band’s material in various box sets and reissues.
The former Hole frontperson has been in all sorts of legal and financial trouble herself in recent years, including various drug arrests and lawsuits. She recently sold a condo in New York City after failing to pay off her mortgage.