Sony officially delays Playstation 3
News has just surfaced that Sony has indeed delayed the launch of Playstation 3 until November of this year. According to the Japanese newspaper ìNihon Keizai Shimbunî part of the delay is a result of the copy protection specs that have been finalized only very recently and require some additional attention on a multi-purpose platform such as the Playstation 3 as opposed to a straight forward set top player.
Undoubtedly many will now clamor that the BluRay format will severely suffer from this delay but we at DVD Review beg to differ for a few very simple reasons. The Playstation 3 is a gaming console and people buy these to play games primarily, not to watch movies. PS3ís ability to play back BluRay discs will be a nice addition but will not have an immediate impact on the early BluRay market. This early market is primarily driven by early adopters who will shudder at the thought of viewing their movies on a gaming console, especially given how poor PS2ís DVD playback is by comparison to even the cheapest set top players.