Ahhh!!! That could be the worst superhero casting news since it was announced that Halle Berry was playing “Catwoman”!!

Mischa Barton Eyed For “Supergirl”
Mischa Barton is getting lots of attention these days, and now Warner Bros. wants to feature the fast-rising star as “Supergirl.” reports the 20-year-old beauty might soon be flying onto the big-screen with some of that kryptonian kismet, when “Superman Returns” has primed moviegoers. With the anticipation building for the superhero summer blockbuster, producers will watch “Returns” closely at the box-office. If audiences approve of director Bryan Singer’s new film starring Brandon Routh, expect history to repeat itself with a re-make of the 1984 Superman spin-off, which starred Helen Slater. In the meantime Barton will be staying busy having just wrapped the romantic adventure “Decameron: Angels & Virgins” and will star in the supernatural/thriller “Hexx” after “Closing the Ring” with Shirley McClaine.