Remember this show?!??!

ABC Schedules ‘Alias’ Endgame
The countdown to the end of “Alias” can now officially begin.
ABC said Tuesday (Feb. 28) that the high-octane spy drama, which has been on hiatus to allow for star Jennifer Garner’s maternity leave and to make room for “Dancing with the Stars,” will begin its final run of episodes with a two-hour show at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, April 19. That’s a change from earlier in the season, when the show aired on Thursdays.
The network also announced a few more schedule changes, including a delay in the premiere of “What About Brian,” the return of “Hope & Faith” and “Invasion” and the scheduling of its miniseries “The Ten Commandments.”
“Alias,” which last aired in December, was originally scheduled to return in March, after “Dancing with the Stars” ended its season. As ABC rolled out its midesason schedule, though, the show was left hanging.
The later return date also likely means that the series will have fewer than 22 episodes for its final season. ABC does, however, promise that the final episodes will reveal the final stages of the Rambaldi prophecy and feature the return of Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin and Gina Torres as Anna Espinosa — not to mention the reappearance of the presumed-dead Vaughn (Michael Vartan) and the birth of his and Sydney’s (Garner) baby.
“Alias” will take the place of comedies “George Lopez” and “Freddie” on the Wednesday schedule; those shows will end their seasons a little early. “Invasion,” which will get a four-week break for “The Evidence” starting March 22, will also return on April 19.
The network’s update of “The Ten Commandments,” starring Dougray Scott (NBC’s “Heist”) as Moses, will air April 10 and 11 — a few days before Easter and the start of Passover. The miniseries also features “Lost” star Naveen Andrews, “Alias'” Mia Maestro and Omar Sharif (“Doctor Zhivago”).
With “The Ten Commandments” scheduled for Easter week, ABC has moved the debut of “What About Brian” back two weeks. It was originally scheduled to premiere Sunday, April 2 and move to its regular Monday home the next night. Rather than pre-empt it for the miniseries, the network decided to hold back; “Brian” will now premiere Sunday, April 16 and take over the 10 p.m. Monday spot on the 17th.
Finally, “Hope & Faith” will make the move to Tuesday nights starting March 21. It will replace “Rodney” at 8:30 p.m.