Van Halen

Just bring back Sammy (again) and be done with it!!

Van Halen: The Next ‘Rock Star’?
Sources tell that Van Halen is in the market for a new lead singer, and the marketplace will be the upcoming reality show ‘Rock Star: The Series.’
Last October, Van Halen reps vehemently denied the band would use ‘Rock Star’ in a talent search for a new lead singer. The reps are now singing a different tune. Van Halen publicist Larry Solters told TMZ: “I’m not denying it. I’m not going to answer any questions about it.”
Last year, the band INXS used ‘Rock Star’ to find a new lead singer. J.D. Fortune won the competition, and the band is now making a comeback with a hit new album and a sold-out tour.
As for Van Halen, the group has had three lead singers since it hit the scene back in 1978: David Lee Roth, who left the band in 1985, Sammy Hagar, who split in 1996, and Gary Cherone, who did just one album and tour with the band in 1998.
The next season of ‘Rock Star,’ produced by Mark Burnett for CBS, is scheduled to air during the summer. Neither Burnett nor CBS would comment on the Van Halen buzz.