This is sad news!

Gilmour: Pink Floyd over, for good
Pink Floyd fans can officially put the reunion rumours to bed.
Despite a successful one-off show at Live8 last summer and speculation of tour dates later this year, the band is “over,” according to former singer-guitarist David Gilmour.
Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, he stated that a reunion is definitely not in the cards.
“The band? It’s over,” announced Gilmour. “Reunited because of the good cause, to get over the bad relationship, and not to have regrets.
“I think I’ve had enough. I am 60. I don’t want to work much anymore. It’s an important part of my life, I have had enormous satisfactions, but now it’s enough. It’s much more comfortable to work on my own.”
Gilmour also stated that his thoughts have nothing to do with the tension between he and co-founder Roger Waters, who left the band in 1983, and didn’t play with them again until Live8.
“The issue about Roger is irrelevant, because even without him I don’t want to go on as Pink Floyd… I am fine as I live now. It was fantastic but now I don’t feel like (it) any more.”