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Survivor’s ten best players
They are the kind of people you would want on your tribe when Jeff Probst first dumps you in the middle of no-freaking-where.
They are the people you would love to form an early alliance with and then quietly turn on before they stab you in the back.
Combining both brains and brawn here are the MVPs of ‘Survivor’.
10. Andrew Savage: ‘Survivor Pearl Islands’
The heart and soul of the Morgan Tribe on ‘Pearl Islands’, Andrew would not be denied. Even though his tribe suffered crushing defeat after crushing defeat, he did not raise the white flag…ever. Instead, he led by example and rallied them on even during the bleakest times. Who can forget how he held those logs on his shoulders for what seemed like an eternity? Talk about pure will. We haven’t seen a more gutsier player yet.
9. Ian Rosenberger: ‘Survivor Palau’
Until he started thinking with his heart and not his brain, Ian swept through the challenges like a man possessed and back at camp showed that he was no slouch when it came to strategizing as well. A fan of the show and a student of the game, Ian almost had it all on ‘Survivor Palau’.
8. Colby Donaldson: ‘Survivor Australia’ and ‘Survivor All-Stars’
A resilient athlete and trust-worthy ally, Colby thrives on competition. Much like Bobby Jon, he is an honourable player who respects those who make things happen and looks down upon Under The Radar players who sit around waiting for the next coat-tail to present itself.
7. Bobby Jon Drinkard: ‘Survivor Palau’, ‘Survivor Guatemala’
Although he could benefit from being a little more cut-throat sometimes, BJ has a heart, a conscience and a will that relentlessly carries the fight onward. His body will quit long before he does. A gentleman through and through, he is a man of his word who upholds the virtues of fair play and honesty. A hell of a guy.
6. Rafe Judkins: ‘Survivor Guatemala’
Who would have thunk it, eh? If Rafe proved anything during his stint on ‘Survivor’ it was that you can’t underestimate any of your opponents. Rafe played one of the most perfect ‘Survivor’ games ever until he took himself out of the running during the final three. What a great run he had though.
5. Richard Hatch: ‘Survivor Borneo’
Sure, he was the grandfather of the voting block strategy but as the series has progressed he has fallen down the rankings simply because he was only so-so when it came to the challenges themselves. Still, the sly one that he is, Richard could almost talk himself out of any situation so he still deserves to be in the top five.
4. Stephenie LaGrossa: ‘Survivor Guatemala’, ‘Survivor Palau’
You cannot quench that fighting spirit. A true inspiration, Steph doesn’t back down and doesn’t surrender…despite the griping here and there. She can hang tough with any competitor and doesn’t avoid challenges, she ploughs head-long into them. Simply awesome.
3. Brian Heidik: ‘Survivor Thailand’
As clever as a fox, Brian dominated the ‘Thailand’ edition from almost the moment he stepped onto the beach. Viewing his time in the game as nothing more than a “business trip”, Brian played a very cool and very calculated game that turned out to be a masterwork of ‘Survivor’ gameplay.
2. Rob Mariano: ‘Survivor Marquases’, ‘Survivor All-Stars’
Like him or hate him, ‘Boston Rob’ is a force to be reckoned with. A master manipulator and physical force, Rob can work magic even in the direst of circumstances. Being such a snake, you would assume his trust factor would be nil but time and time again, people place their faith in him and usually pay the price for doing so. You think they would have learned by now, eh?
1. Tom Westman: ‘Survivor Palau’
Whether it be engaging in a challenge or formulating a winning strategy, Tom Westman has no equal thus far. Like Brian Heidik before him, Tom stampeded through ‘Palau’ even though he shone the spotlight on himself as a dominant player. A charming competitor and leader who isn’t afraid to let his dark side loose on occasion, Tom is pretty much fearless.
Honourable Mentions
Ami: ‘Survivor Vanuatu’.
Chris: ‘Survivor Vanuatu’.
Lex: ‘Survivor Africa’, ‘Survivor All-Stars’.
Ethan: ‘Survivor Africa’, ‘Survivor All-Stars’.
Rupert: ‘Survivor Pearl Islands’, ‘Survivor All-Stars’.
Gary: ‘Survivor Guatemala’.
Cindy: ‘Survivor Guatemala’.
Keith: ‘Survivor Australia’.
Tammy: ‘Survivor Marquesas’.
Matthew: ‘Survivor Amazon’.
Kelly: ‘Survivor Borneo’.