Woo hoooooo!!!!!!

Scrubs – Season 3 is coming in May!
I haven’t heard anything from Disney, but put up a listing for the third season of Scrubs, due out on May 9.
The 3 disc set will contain all 22 episodes from the third season, and will sell for $39.99 (Amazon is taking preorder for $27.99). We hope to have more information, and artwork, when the set is officially announced.
Episodes include:
My American Girl
My Journey
My White Whale
My Lucky Night
My Brother, Where Art Thou?
My Advice to You
My Fifteen Seconds
My Friend the Doctor
My Dirty Secret
My Rule of Thumb
My Clean Break
My Catalyst
My Porcelain God
My Screw Up
My Tormented Mentor
My Butterfly
My Moment of Un-Truth
His Story II
My Choosiest Choice of All
My Fault
My Self-Examination
My Best Friend’s Wedding