Family Guy

8299 – Well, if any animated character deserves their own show, it is Stewie!

‘Family Guy’s’ Stewie hosting Web talk show
LAS VEGAS (Hollywood Reporter) – Heeeeere’s Stewie!
The tyrannical tyke in the Fox animated series “Family Guy” will be the virtual host of a talk show being developed strictly for the Internet later this year.
Stewie’s show will be based on ( and other News Corp.-owned Web properties catering to the young demographics that have embraced the Fox series.
“We think that the property is perfectly suited for that audience,” Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinsohn said Tuesday.
He added that the idea for the show has been embraced on Madison Avenue by potential advertisers. He does not expect the program to cannibalize viewing for the Fox series or other “Family” brand extensions like DVD. Stewie wouldn’t be the first animated character to get his own talk show; that distinction belongs to “Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” which aired on Cartoon Network.