Here’s hoping they write some good material for him!

Steve Martin Adds to ‘SNL’ Record
Steve Martin, who’s hosted “Saturday Night Live” more than anyone else in history, will add to his record next month.
Martin, who last hosted the show in September 1994, will take his 14th turn as frontman for the venerable NBC comedy show on Saturday, Feb. 4. He’ll be joined by musical guest Prince, who’ll be making his second appearance on the show — almost 25 years after his first.
As so often happens, both host and musical guest have things to promote via their appearance. Martin is starring as Inspector Clouseau in a remake of “The Pink Panther” due for release the week after his “SNL” gig, and Prince is set to release a new album, “3121,” in March.
Martin helped give “Saturday Night Live” its identity in the mid-1970s, teaming with Dan Aykroyd to create the Festrunk brothers, two “wild and crazy guys” from behind the Iron Curtain, and fronting the classic King Tut sketch, among many others. He has made uncredited cameos on the show a couple of times in recent years but hasn’t stepped out to host in more than a decade.
Prince last appeared on “SNL” in February 1981, during his “Little Red Corvette” days. He has, of course, since gone on to become one of the more revered, and enigmatic, figures in pop music.